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Ideal For Kitchen Benchtops

Marble Benchtop1

Marble is a metamorphic rock, formed when limestone is subjected to enormous forces inside the earth's crust.

Marble has long been valued for its beauty and strength - it was and still is widely used in buildings, monuments and sculptures

As a bench top, marble offers a unique, classic and upscale appearance in the kitchen and is also ideal for an elegant bathroom fit-out.

A honed (matt) finish is recommended for kitchen bench top applications. This finish is achieved by grinding the surface with successively finer grades of abrasive but stops short of a full polish. It exhibits a flat or matte finish and takes advantage of the simple fact that minor wear and tear is not as obvious on a surface that has an overall sheen rather than a mirror finish polish.

Experts at Protecting Your Marble Benchtop

Marble Benchtop2

Clients should be aware that as a bench top surface, marble will scratch, stain and etch. It will require maintenance.

A penetrating sealer is applied to the surface prior to installation, cresting a lining between the middle and top surface. It will not stop problems with etching and scratching.

All natural stone is sealed prior to installation with DRY-TREAT sealer, which holds a limited 15 year warranty.

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